27 March 2015
Siluet will perform with string quartet in their hometown Burgas. The set list will include numbers from "The Road" and "Look Inside Yourself" as well as their latest single "Movin' On"
10 april - „Revolucion Club”.
20 June 2014
30 Jan 2013
11 December 2013
The big date is comming: 17th of December in Radio Bulgaria. We are making our last preparations. You can watch the concert live on and there will be the cameras of the National Television too.
The songs are sounding realy unique with the strings quartet and our guest musicians.
4 Nov 2013
There are interesting things coming up with SILUET. In result of winning the greatest award of the Radio Bulgaria's contest we are preparing ourselves for Eurosonic Festival in Holland. So before we go there we'll make a very important concert for us. It will take place in the biggest recording studio here. Studio 1 in the Bulgarian National Radio. We plan to surprise our fans with strings arangements of our best songs and guest musicians. The date is 17th of December and there will be TV and everything:)
26 July 2013 20:55 'на Тъмно' Stage. 4th time on the 'Spirit of Burgas'!
6 June 2013
hi there!
We are more than satisfied how June went on. There will be videos from some of the concerts... Now we are looking straight to the next aim on our way ->
10 July 2013
We opened the 'ART SUMMER' in Veliko Tyrnovo, HeadLiners at 'FLOWER for GOSHO' Fest in Sofia, and still eager for the comming festival events this summer:)
The road goes to 'Rafting Rock Fest' in Simitli, 'Baskerfest' in Skopje, carnival in Ruse, opening for Joe Lynn Turner in Varna on 29th and 'JULY MORNING' at the Burgas beach on 30 of June.
3 May 2013
That's it! Again we can see that nothing in BG is like it should be! A vote software that is so easy to manupulate that a
child could do it and bands that will stop against nothing to grab the easy glory wheter they deserve it or not!
That's the reality that we are livin in!
713 votes for SILUET - this is enormous success to us doesn't matter the nullifying this vote!
27 April 2013
Vote fellas!!! And you could withness SILUET on stage with
(Press the red button 'ГЛАСУВАЙ')
17 April 2013
Finally we got what we wanted so bad from that Bulgarian Radio contest!
We will have the honner to present Bulgaria at Eurosonic festival 2014 in Holland!
In addition we got the reward of the journalist's guild.
We'd like to thank everybody who support us on our way to the top:)!
29 January 2013
It's a long waited concert comming.
It will be on 21 April at Mextape5, 8pm.
SILUET will warm up for SIENA ROOT.
If somebody doesn't know who they are I reccomend to check out quickly:)
See you there!
Watch our appearance at 'Late show of Denis and friends' on 30th of January.
17 January 2013
24 December 2012
The long waited new album is a fact! The pre-release date will be in Burgas at club ALIVE. Welcome on 28th of December to warm up our holliday mood with good R'n'R and lots of surprises!!! We are waiting for you!  
18 August 2012
The next appearance of SILUET will be at Mindya Rock Fest. So pack your stuff and come on the two days long journey at the rock village Mindya
We'll wait for you there on 24th of August!
7 July 2012
The time for Spirit of Burgas is comming. Siluet will be part of the line up ones more. This time we will open the Jack Daniels rock stage on 3th of August at 20.00.
11 June 2012
Let's celebrate together the July Morning Festival on 30th of June at the beach of Burgas. Jango Ze, The Pomorians and Vasko the Patch with his band will also be there:)
5 June 2012
As it seems the come back gig of SILUET will be at the "Flower for Gosho festival". Welcome to Pork Pie on 9th of June!
24 May 2012
After lond and difficult casting, SILUET joined 2 back vocalists : Velizar and Maya:)
Velizar came to this world on 10th of April and Maya on 18 May. The vocal abilities of the two are extraordinary and as it seems that the work with them will be pleasure 'couse they work out great with the rest of the team:)
27 February 2012

Tonight SILUET will be guests in the new and very cool internet radio OffRoad. Listen to it live at 9 pm here
9 February 2012

Since the work for our new album is going slow but sure, we decided to announce competition for it's cover.
We are not going to put any limits for the imagination of the artists, who decide to take the challenge.
Just listen to the music and it will take you to the muse:) The songs you can find here and if you contact us on we will send you the rest of the recorded material.
For further details use our e-mail
3 December 2011

Watch The band's appearance on Bulgarian National TV - 'Denis and Friends' on December 12.
We'll talk, we'll play and we'll watch the new video in the company of the coolest television host and his team!
30 November 2011
16 November 2011
16 Oktober 2011

We really would like to thank the municipality of Troyan for the invitation to play on feast of the city 14th of Oktober and respectively for the opportunity to meet these great people, that were waitig for us. We are more than happy for that concert and we realised ones again - that kind of direct contact with the fans is the thing that gives sense to what we make.
Thank you guys, that you exist!
6 Oktober 2011

SILUET will perform at Swingin' Hall tomorrow (7th of Oktober).
Welcome and smoke little bit less than ususal please, we'll be very thankfull!!!

27 September 2011

SILUET will appear at bar Royal in their home town of Burgas. It will be first time there playing non accoustic:) If you are curious what will happen come and see yourself!
12 September 2011

We would like to invite all of you who like SILUET and all who are still hungry for original rock music at Pork Pie in Sofia on 16th of September. As much as we can see, this will be the last concert for the summer and after that we'll stop our appearances for a period. So this is your chance to see SILUET live on stage with all the members. Welcome!

Pork Pie - September 16!

11 September 2011

It was great at Rock Razlog! The audience was pleased to listen to some clasic rock and blues music that is quite diferrent than usual 'chalga'! The bands gave the best of them and the crowd applauded very warm every performance.
It get a good feedback on the madia too. You can find more details here and here. The next day in the city of Yambol, we performed at the closing of the 6 days last Bier festival. It seems that we won new fans:) Thank you for the support, friends!

18 August 2011

We are happy that we have so wonderful fans! You prove this ones again on the Spirit of Burgas last Sunday. There will video and pics soon.
Mindya Rock Fest is coming on 26 of August, but before there will be Rock Fest in Veliko Tyrnovo at 19th.

8 July 2011

We have the pleasure to announce that SILUET will take part at Spirit Of Burgas. This will be on the 3rd day of the festival - 14th of August on stage.

Thanks to everybody who voted for our song at BG Radio! The resuls is that 'Share Your Love' hit 3rd place these days!

19 June 2011

2nd of June 19.30 - SILUET at 'Flower for Gosho' Festival. The fun starts earlier - actually at 15.30.

13 June 2011

SILUET at 'Denis & Friends'. Watch the TV show on June 22:)

Moments from HOPE festival
Moments from Mezdra Rock Fest
11 May 2011

The summer festivals in Bulgaria begin. The first one where SILUET will take part is in Mezdra on 14th of May.
Then follows 1st of June Hope Festival in Kazanlyk, 5th 'Flower for Gosho' Festival, "MINDYA Rock Fest" in August... .

11 May 2011

Listen to the Darik radio on Thuesday!

3 May 2011

Don't miss our accoustic concert on Thuesday at bar CODA!

29 April 2011
Here is the song that won the journalist award   Share Your Love

27 April 2011

Watch us tonight on TV SKAT, where we going to play accoustic live in the program of Vasko the Patch at 22.30! And yes the rummors are true - Phill Jackson will be there with us:)
For those who are interested from the exit of the yesterday's competition we are proud to announce that we get the reward of the Journalist guild and we are very pleased couse we think that after the previous year when we were rewarder with the Listeners award, this is one step further on the hard way to the success!:)
SHARE YOUR LOVE, friends!!!

24 March 2011

There are trills about the contest of the Bulgarian National Radio :)
We are second week on the first place and thats more than wonderful! And when it is so now is very important to keep this first place another week more. And here we need your vote.
Give a hand here!

15 March 2011

Congratulations! We just hit the top of the Bulgarian National Radio chart! Don't believe it? Check by yourself here!
18 February 2011

If you like our song 'Waiting for the Wind', please vote in the chart of the Bulgarian National Radio - 'ESKALATOR'.
6 January 2011

We celebrated the New Year's Eve in Chepelare (ski resort near Pamporovo) where we made an open air concert for a wonderfull crowd!
Wish everybody health, love and success for the new year!

22 December 2010

Wonderfull gig in Vratsa! Inspite of the cold we had a great time on the stage, thanks to the loud crowd infront!
There is video from the Day of Burgas.
Don't hesitate to write a comment in the guestbook about the new single or whatever you wish to share!
20 December 2010

You can listen to our new single LOOK INSIDE YOURSELF here!
9 December 2010

December started beautifully! On 5th we appeared on the theater stage for the first time. We took part in a production of 'Adriana Budevska' theater in Burgas. On the next day the 'TheSnt Nikolas day', we performed with the Youth Philharmonic Orchestra of Burgas on the Central Square. There will be video soon.
1 November 2010

The comming days will sound accoustic:)
We play "SILUET Unplugged" on 6th at bar Royal in Burgas,
on November 20 at the new UnderBar Music Hall and
on 24th at Rock Bar Coda, both in Sofia.
To break the accoustic set we'll play on 13th at Swingin' Hall and on 28th at FANS
Be our guests!
30 September 2010

Enjoy it!

2 September 2010
We play Unplugged again on 18th of September. The place is "bar Royal" in Burgas, start at 2100

1 November 2010

It was great at MINDYA Rock Fest! It is always like this when we mess around with the guys from 'Vasko the Patch band' and 'Blues Traffic'. We would like to thank to all our fans who followed us there!

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